Good Morning, You're Listening to Jazz
Good morning, you're listening to Jazz
Like me, like me
We're gonna chill with the Bettys on the beach
Write with our toes in the sand
Write our master plan

Look to the air, look to the poison green air
Oh baby, we'll go away from here

Footnote--this isn't really me
Gotta tell ya, bout this city in the sky
We'll fly

Look to the air, look to the poison green air

This plane is running out the door
Believe in the stories of the tree
We'll grow our own gold

We are frustrated and honey we sing
Hey, Reeces!
Hey Reeces (Yeah?)
We got to go I found some potent previews of some protein parallels

Oh Reeces (Yeah?)
They found some ruckage of some rumbles in some very ancient temples

Giddy up chuck break neck brace or your self help for impact
In fact...
Exit rows in front and back
Help yourself to oxygen masks...

We fell for your voice
"remember, November, ember"
We fell, we followed her fabricated wares
Revolution and Cries
We flew, up to a heaven repaired
Revolution and Cries
And we, sister savior a sign
Baby it's
San Juan Da'Aprilis
And me, Cole Porter the medicine man is me

Problems in the sky, this isn't really me

Look to the sky; it's poison